A Harlem Globetrotter Knocked Down A Shot Flying 210 Feet High In A Helicopter

The Harlem Globetrotters are famous for many things. They always kick the hell out of the Washington Generals, they always put on a fun show, and for reasons that are beyond comprehension, every single person to ever wear the red, white, and blue is incredible at chucking up basketballs from all over the place and getting nothing but net.

This also gives the Globetrotters room to try out fun stunts that involve hitting shots from insane distances. I don’t necessarily mean during their games, I mean with stuff like this. Globetrotters guard Bull — also known as Will Bullard, who played his college ball at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and was drafted by the team in 2008 — got in a dang helicopter and attempted a shot from more than 200 in the air in Wildwood, N.J. As you can guess, his shot was perfect and he banked it in.

It is possible that it took Bullard a while to come close to hitting the hoop and even longer for him to make the shot, but come on, he plays for the Globetrotters. He probably knocked this down on his first attempt and then celebrated like it was the easiest thing in the world. Although I guess when you’ve won as many games as the Globetrotters have, everything else that one of their players may accomplish in basketball pales in comparison.