Harlem Heights Nike AF1 Bespoke

04.20.09 10 years ago 11 Comments

Being on tv has his perks man. I went with my boy Pierre to Nike’s 21 Mercer Street Sportswear store to design a pair of Bespoke Air Force 1s.

It might not sound like a big deal but if you’re familiar with Nike ID Bespoke then you know what it is. Bespoke IDs give the creator a chance to design a sneaker from scratch. I am talking the sole, lace material, stitching, ect…

My boy Izz Mateo, who has designed some of the hottest AF1s I’ve ever seen, helped me created the Harlem Heights AF1s. Now…I don’t want to take too much credit for the design, I was a deer in headlights in the ID studio. There is just so much to choose from.

These are going to shut the block down in the summertime. I was going to ice them until then but I have to wear them tonight to this BET News Q and A with the rest of the cast. Hopefully I don’t get roasted…well at least I’ll look fresh!

Shout out to Iz, Dawn Baxter, and everyone at Nike as well as everyone over at BET. You can check out clips of me at 21 Mercer Street tonight on Harlem Heights 10pm on BET.

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