Harrison Barnes Went Full March Madness And Drilled A Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater Against The Cavs

The best part of March Madness is someone hitting a three in the dying moments of a game that gives their team a win in stunning fashion. This year’s NCAA Tournament has been a bit light on those sorts of situations, but fortunately for those who love to see someone beat the buzzer, the Sacramento Kings are here to scratch that itch.

Sacramento took on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night and found themselves in a bind. Collin Sexton hit a shot with 1.6 seconds left to put the Cavs up by one, and Sacramento was stuck 94 feet away from their basket in need of a miracle.

In a pretty fun twist on a classic March moment, a Kentucky guy and a North Carolina guy came together to create their version of Duke’s game-winner scored by Christian Laettner. De’Aaron Fox fired a dart down the court into the arms of Harrison Barnes — seriously, Fox put some extra mustard on this thing — and the veteran forward was able to get off a reasonably clean look despite being swarmed by defenders. As a result, Barnes saw his shot go right through the rim.

The bucket gave Sacramento a 100-98 win. Barnes had 16 points on the night and only hit one three, but hey, at least that triple came at the best moment imaginable.