Harrison Barnes’ ‘NBA 2K’ Challenge Was Met By Some Unexpected Guests

04.05.16 3 years ago

Harrison Barnes’ Golden State Warriors are close to history. They just need to win four of their last five games to set the all-time single-season record for victories.

For many teams, the pressure would be unbearable, but it hasn’t seemed to faze the Warriors. There are many possible explanations for that — the laid-back nature of head coach Steve Kerr, the soothing dominance of Steph Curry, and the shape-shifting brilliance of Draymond Green among others — but maybe the Dubs just know how to keep loose, like Barnes did on Monday when he challenged his Twitter followers in NBA2K:

Wouldn’t you know it (wink wink), some notable names answered the call and showed up at Barnes’ crib to throw down: Blake Anderson of Workaholics, professional gamer and Street Fighter world champion Snake_Eyez, Instagram promoter Baddie Winkle, and some dude who shows up at Warriors games with a gold suit on. They play in Street mode, and it looks like they all have a good time. The only guy who managed to take a game off Barnes was the aforementioned Gold Suit Guy, which comes as a shock.

Snake_Eyez, my man, we know 2K isn’t your wheelhouse, but it’s still embarrassing.

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