Harrison Barnes Captures The Exact Moment Team USA Was Introduced At The Opening Ceremony

The 2016 Olympics started in earnest today, with multiple events starting after a couple days of preliminary group soccer games on Wednesday and Thursday. But the games truly began last night, with the always magical opening ceremony in Rio’s historical Maracanã stadium. Team USA Basketball’s Harrison Barnes was able to capture the walk-in and give you a glimpse of what the experience is like for every Olympian.

Along with the beautiful art, dance and music representing the host city’s culture and history, everyone always looks forward to the Parade of Nations. For many of these Olympians, this might be the only time we, in the U.S., get to see them. (Sorry table tennis, but there aren’t too many watch parties for you.) Harrison Barnes took the below video as the Americans entered the arena and it’s a pretty cool way to see the ceremony.

For one thing, it’s very surprising to see that while on TV you get the piped in music and dramatics, on the ground level it looks like it’s just a loud crowd complete with drummers. Really doesn’t seem too festive from that point of view!

But that doesn’t stop a few members of USA Basketball from showing off their Samba steps around 1:15 of the clip, accompanied by the drummer following them. Nice moves, guys.