Harrison Barnes Has Apparently Nabbed One Of The Final Spots On Team USA

06.25.16 2 years ago

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The Olympics are mere weeks away now, and the roster for Team USA is set to be officially announced on Monday. Ahead of that announcement, however, nearly the entire roster has been either leaked or confirmed by various sources. Now, one of the final spots has apparently gone to a someone quite surprising: Harrison Barnes.

Barnes’ name isn’t exactly the hottest right now after he laid an egg in the NBA Finals, but he’s still a damn useful player who doesn’t require the ball in his hands to be effective — something sorely needed on a team of stars like Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, and more. With LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard bowing out, coach Mike Krzyzewski apparently wanted another small forward who could credibly guard smaller fours. Even so, Barnes will still be relatively low on the totem pole behind Anthony, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Draymond Green.

With this announcement, here’s who we know will be going for gold and trying to avoid catching Zika in Rio:

Guards: Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Klay Thompson
Forwards: Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes
Center: DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan

The final roster will have 12 names on it, which means one has yet to be announced or determined.

(Via Yahoo)

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