The Hawks Gifted The World With These Amazing 2 Chainz Shirts In Time For The Holiday Season

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The Atlanta Hawks love to celebrate their local stars. Just a few weeks ago, Gucci Mane used the kiss cam to propose to his long-time girlfriend (she said yes!). And Gucci isn’t the only area rapper to get in on some fun with his hometown team.

2 Chainz is a big-time Hawks fan and a staple at the arena, and just last season, the organization released a hilarious spoof video which featured him assuming duties as franchise CEO in anticipation of their first-ever “2 Chainz Night.”

Now, the Hawks have taken it a step further with these amazing 2 Chainz jersey tees.

It’s all part of a new venture 2 Chainz is doing with the Hawks that will include at year-end performance at the team’s home game against the Pistons on December 30 and a month-long charity event to benefit those in need in the Atlanta area. Here’s more from the Hawks’ official press release, via NBA.com:

“We’re beyond excited to end 2016 with a 2Chainz extravaganza, as Chainz is a homegrown superstar who, like the Hawks, is committed to entertaining and connecting to the Atlanta community,” said [Hawks CEO Steve] Koonin. “The donations he has made to veterans and families in need through the TRU Foundation are inspirational and further solidify him as a community champion with whom we are fortunate to partner during this season of giving.”

Additionally, the Hawks are offering a “2 Chainz 2-Pack” deal, which includes tickets to the December 30 game, access to the post-game performance, and $20 worth of food drink. Tickets start at $29 apiece.