An Overjoyed Hawks Fan Won $10,000 On An Absurd Half-Court Heave

12.15.17 2 years ago

One well-dressed Atlanta Hawks fan walked away from another home loss a winner on Thursday night. While the Hawks didn’t fare so well against the Detroit Pistons, a fan in a killer Hawks jacket/shirt combo walked away with $10,000 after he hit a half-court shot with ease.

A man named Norman became a hero during a commercial break when he stepped up and nailed the half-court heave. Norman was asked what he would do with the 10 grand if he made it, and he had a simple answer: “Enjoy Christmas.”

“And I’m going to enjoy it with him,” the in-arena host joked.

But perhaps that was the motivation this swagged out Hawks fan needed to summon his inner Steph Curry, because his half-court heave was absolutely perfect. Though the shooting motion is a bit more Lonzo Ball or a shot putter than Steph, where the ball ended up is what matters here.

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