The Hawks Schedule Release Video Inspired By ‘Atlanta’ Is Pretty Incredible

Atlanta Hawks

The offseason doldrums have officially hit the NBA, but Monday’s schedule release provided at least a little bit of a reason to get excited for the upcoming season.

The full national TV schedule was announced for ESPN and TNT, and fans were able to put important dates in their calendars and start planning trips to big games. Part of the fun of schedule release day is the clever way teams unveil the schedule on social media, with funny or clever videos to announce the upcoming slate of games.

The Hawks earned themselves the title of most creative release video for 2019 with their Atlanta inspired video revealing the big home games of the season in subtle, but extremely clever ways. The Hoopin’ Season video mimics the style of Donald Glover’s hit show about the city and reveals the dates for big games in Atlanta this season.

The first one is the Celtics on Feb. 3 (hence the Lucky Charms), the second is the Nets visiting Atlanta on Dec. 4 (hair net), and the third being the Clippers only trip to the city on Jan. 22. They also highlight the Pelicans only visit on March 31 by way of a Popeyes box (and ubiquitous chicken wing on the street in Atlanta), the Raptors first visit on Nov. 23 via glass shaking, the Warriors trip on Dec. 2 (Full House Movers), Sixers on Oct. 28 (Philly cheesesteak), Lakers on Dec. 15 (kid doing LeBron’s chalk toss), and Rockets on Jan. 8 (bottle rocket).

It’s a wildly creative video and is another great example of the Hawks having one of the league’s best social media teams.

It’s a wildly creative video, although