HBO Max Shared A Clip Of LeBron In ‘Space Jam 2’ And All You Can Really Do Is Speculate

LeBron James and the folks at SpringHill Entertainment have done a good job keeping the details about Space Jam: A New Legacy close to the vest, giving out little bits of information over the last few years. We know what the uniforms will look like, some of the names that will appear alongside James, and that the film is going to come out a little bit later in 2021.

Now, we have an idea of what exactly one second of the film will look like when it drops on July 16. A video from Warner Bros. Pictures that includes a number of same day releases that we can expect to see on HBO Go in the coming year, and nestled early on in the video is the following Space Jam teaser:

The extent of what we can tell about the film from this is that it certainly has LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in it and, uh, well, that’s about it. It’s very unclear who they watched get sucked up into what appears to be a hole in the space-time continuum, and we can probably make educated guesses about which Looney Tunes are suiting up alongside LeBron, but otherwise, this is especially vague, which has been the point of basically every bit of Space Jam information.

The one thing that we can take away from this clip is that LeBron seems to at least try to be an actor in this, which both is not a surprise because he is quite good at that and immediately makes him an improvement on the performance we saw from Michael Jordan in the original. As for every other major question, those are still up in the air, but as long as it’s fun and the soundtrack is outstanding, it’s hard to imagine too many people being upset with this movie.