The Heat Ditched Their Vice Nights Uniforms After Going Winless In Them So Far

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The Nike City edition jerseys have been one of the most glorious additions to the NBA season. Just last week, the Minnesota Timberwolves celebrated “Prince Night” with neon purple and black uniforms, while their Twitter page went wild with the legendary Chappelle’s Show memes.

The Miami Heat have boasted similarly awesome throwback jerseys with their “Vice Nights” campaign, inspired by the hit 80s cop show Miami Vice. For 14 games this season, they’ll wear purple and black neon jerseys and play on a specially designed court that features the Vice Nights logo.

The only problem is that their Vice Nights games haven’t exactly turned out in their favor. In fact, they’re 0-6 so far this season on Vice Nights, and with pro athletes being the notoriously superstitious lot that they are, the Heat have apparently decided not to wear the uniforms for their home game against the Pelicans on Friday night.

The 7-13 Heat, of course, have plenty of problems that have nothing to do with their uniforms, but if the jersey change can somehow help them get a mental edge on their opponents, then so be it.

It’s an odd look, however, for all the fans in attendance who are there to take part in the Vice Nights festivities when the team on the floor isn’t even wearing the corresponding jerseys. Miami has another seven homes games remaining that have been designated for Vice Nights, so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle this moving forward.