The Heat Are Giving Babies ‘Vice’ Onesies To Celebrate Their City Jerseys

There is no team in the NBA with a jersey design that better defines the city they play in than the Miami Heat. Their Vice City inspired jerseys are frequently some of the best alternates we see all year. They’re colorful, vibrant, and perfectly fit the images that come to mind when everyone thinks of Miami.

What’s surprising at this point is that they don’t stick with the same great uniform every season. The Heat and Nike mix it up every year by changing the color scheme, and yet it still continues to work. On Monday, Miami dropped the details for its latest Vice look, and it’s another winner.

This year Miami has gone with a baby blue primary color scheme. Unsurprisingly they look amazing, but the Heat aren’t stopping at dropping some cool jerseys and calling it a day. They’re also going to do some leg work to get some new fans in their earliest years.

A baby blue Heat onesie sounds amazingly adorable, and we can’t wait to see babies in these onesies. It’s a good idea, too: Then the Heat will have an army of new fans growing up with Vice City inspired dreams all thanks to the Heat.

As Miami once again goes all in on this style, the mystery continues as to why the Heat don’t just make this their main set. They’re great, everyone loves them, and they can even put their colors on babies. It’s time for the Heat to stop dragging their feet on this and give the people what they want. The babies will thank them.

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