Help Fight Firearm Violence With New “Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns” Hoodies

09.19.14 5 years ago

Violence of any kind is dreadful, but the gun violence in America continues to fester below the surface of many people’s day-to-day consciousness like a gunshot wound that simply won’t coagulate to stop the flow of blood. We’ll never eradicate violence altogether, but Dime continues to do our own part to curb gun violence of any kind. With a new set of “Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns” threads on sale now, you can help stop gun violence by contributing.

After we originally released a “Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns” t-shirt in a different colorway. A Chicago-inspired joint had people going crazy, as well as a Philly-themed tee as a thank you to our friend, Thaddeus Young.

Now, after releasing a “Grape” version that sold out super quick, and some playoff-themed tee’s in the spring of 2013 that were scooped up before the season even ended, we’re transitioning to a black hoodie sporting blue and red coloring with a simple message: “Shoot Jumpers. Not Guns.”

ALL proceeds go to fighting gun violence through refurbishing basketball courts, supporting free clinics and leagues for youths. Playing hoops is always a better alternative to using a gun.

Turquoise tee’s with the grape lettering are available for $25 in sizes Small to 3XL. But now you can also rock the new black hoodie for $40 from Small to 3XL.


What do you think of the new hoodie?

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