This High School Basketball Player Has All The Crossovers

12.21.15 3 years ago

God came and told me I was born for this 🙏🙏 #basketball #highschoolbasketball #ball

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You won’t see too many crossovers better than this on any level. In this clip, we see a high school basketball player from Miami Sunset doing everything in his power to shake off a defender and get to the rim and that included not one, not two, but five (by my count, I might have missed one) crossover moves as well as a couple change of direction dribbles.

First off, you have to give some credit to the defender (or defenders as there was initially a double team) as, despite the fact that the ball handler was giving him everything he possibly had, he actually managed to stick with him all the way up until that last final, deadly crossover from left to right that allowed him to get the basket and make the lay up.

While the highlight is spectacular, there did seem to be a couple opportunities to, you know, actually pass the ball (especially at the end of the play, where his teammate would have had an easy layup after the help defender slid over). Still, I can’t exactly blame him for wanting to finish the job after doing all that work.

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