This High School Basketball Dunk Was So Powerful That It Completely Destroyed The Backboard

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Sometimes when a dunk shatters a backboard, you may think that it only happens because the rim is so worn out that it just can’t handle any pressure at all and it rips off. Then there are some dunks that shatter backboards that make you do a triple take, because oh my goodness, did they bring the thunder on this one.

This dunk absolutely falls into the second category. It came during a high school basketball game between Heritage High School and Evans High School, both based out of Georgia. One Heritage player named Isaiah Banks thought it would be cool to throw down in transition with one hand with so much force that he ripped the rim off the backboard and the glass shattered. It was awesome, but it came at a price.

Since it was a high school game, they weren’t able to continue after Banks destroyed the backboard. This meant the game ended 40-14. Fortunately for Banks, his team was on the winning side, because the bus ride home after you end a game your team was losing by 26 would probably be super awkward.

Oh, and to the surprise of no one, Banks can fly. Here’s a dunk that he has pinned to the top of his Twitter account.

Even if he never makes it to the NBA, hopefully we can see this dude in a dunk contest someday.

(Via SB Nation)

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