A High School Basketball Game Went To Overtime After An Incredible Full-Court Buzzer Beater

You can’t quite call this a shot, because it’s more of a prayer that got answered by the basketball gods. It’s the kind of crazy basketball moment that makes LaMelo Ball calling his shot on a halfcourt jumper look like child’s play.

New Fairfield High School’s J.V. squad trailed by three with next to no time left on the clock. Said opponent – Bunnell High School – had a player on the free throw line with the opportunity to put the game away.

The Bunnell player missed, and the ball fell into the hands of Brett Tenaglia. Based on the commentary from someone in the stands, New Fairfield had a time out that it could have used. But instead of doing that, Tenaglia cocked his arm back and threw the ball from one end of the court to the other. The odds of the ball going in were slim, but at this point, you just toss the ball in the general direction of the rim and hope for the best.

Somehow, the shot went in. Tenaglia forced overtime in the most incredible way possible, doing something during a game that all of us would struggle to do if we tried it on an otherwise empty court. Unfortunately for Tenaglia, this cool moment didn’t lead to a win, as Deadspin reported that Bunnell got the victory in overtime. Still, Tenaglia is unquestionably the coolest kid in his high school for this one.

(Via Deadspin)