A Ref Threw Down Some Monster Dunks While Officiating A High School Game

No one likes a ref who has very obviously never played the sport they are officiating. Sure, you can know a rulebook from cover to cover, but you lack a severe understanding of how athletes interact with one another if you’ve never been an athlete yourself.

This official will never have that issue at any point during his career as a zebra. Either before or after a high school basketball game, word must have gotten out that this referee was capable of dunking, which led to him showing off his ridiculous ups. I am willing to bet that is is a better dunker than anyone who participated in this game.

We don’t really have a great view of his first dunk since the basket was in the way, but he was able to throw the ball, catch it, do a windmill, and dunk. His second dunk started the same way, but instead of doing a windmill, my man just did a 360 and dunked with one hand.

Are either of these dunks going to make this ref replace Zion Williamson as the People’s Dunking Champ? Of course not. But the fact that he can do this so casually is awesome, especially considering he was wearing the traditional referee garb of a striped shirt that is incredibly uncomfortable and long dressy pants.