This High School Student Section Changed The Free Throw Distraction Game Forever

Monmouth University may boast the reigning kings of bench celebrations, but a new hero has emerged — this time in the field of free throw distraction, long the reign of giant face posters and fat guys. They are the student section of Sheridan High School in Ohio, and they have Changed the Game.

There isn’t any other way to describe it: they give birth to a fake baby using a towel and one of their smallest students, and chant “PUSH!” the entire time. Pity the poor bastard that had to shoot under that kind of stress. The idea’s great enough, but the execution is near-flawless. All the kids are into it, but the star is the “mother” — he sells it with his face, and tells you a story about himself with his hair-headband combo. If Karate Kid ever gets remade again, we have Cobra Kai’s heir apparent to Billy Zabka. And we mean that in the best possible way.

Sheridan has earned its time in the sun, but of course a new problem quickly emerges: What in the heck can they do to top that?