A School Teacher Is Using Joel Embiid To Inspire His Students To #TrustTheProcess

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One of the best things to come out of Sam Hinkie’s controversial stewardship over the Philadelphia 76ers was an immortal axiom that has become ubiquitous in pop culture over the past few years.

#TrustTheProcess has not only come to define a new era of Sixers basketball that is the byproduct of long, excruciating climb out of NBA futility; their best player, Joel Embiid, has adopted it as his nickname, and it’s been the source and fulcrum of endless social media memes.

It’s such a versatile catchall phrase that people across all sectors are co-opting it to offer inspiration where needed. For at least one grade school teacher, than includes the classroom.

Although, it bears mentioning that not everyone is so trusting of the proverbial process. Adam Silver, who was instrumental in deposing Hinkie of his general manager duties amid the organization’s embarrassing years-long tanking extravaganza, refused to utter those words when he made an appearance on a recent Sixers’ broadcast.

Still, it’s hard to argue with the result. The Sixers now have a pair of bona fide young superstars as their franchise cornerstones and proving here in the early part of the season that they can compete with any team in the NBA. It’s debatable whether they could’ve taken a different route to get here, but for diehard Hinkie disciples, it’s all the evidence they need.