This Student’s Fierce Crossover Actually Dislocated His Teacher’s Knee

For a teenager, there are few greater pleasures in life than embarrassing one of your teachers. Maybe you saw them have one too many at the local Applebee’s and sent a snapchat to your friends. Maybe you corrected a wrong answer during a lecture. Maybe you showed off your superior intellect in class. Or, maybe, if you’re Dane Wissenbach, you crossed them up so badly during a staff vs. students game that you dislocated their knee in front of the entire school.

A teacher only identified as “Mr. Gillepsie” tried to play tight defense against Wissenbach as he dribbled up the court. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea what he was in for. Young Wissenbach hit him with a crossover so bad that he had to be helped off the floor.

To make matters worse for the teacher, the entire gymnasium was filled with people who watched him get schooled by one of his students. In fact, immediately after he got crossed up, students began to rush the court and give him the business. Even as he was being carried off, there was still one student who couldn’t help but get in his face.

On his Instagram page, Wissenbach provided a different angle of the vicious move along with a ruthless caption.

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The video that changed everything…

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Absolutely savage.

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