This Might Be The Worst 30 Seconds Of NBA Action You’ll Watch This Season

Senior Writer

At some point in the very near future, the Philadelphia 76ers will be very good. They simply must be with all of the talent they’ve assembled. In fact, they have so much talent that people love to spread weak rumors about why they should send Nerlens Noel packing. For the time being, unfortunately, they must settle for being the worst team in basketball. Again. Remember, Sixers fans: It’s a process. And that’s more than just Joel Embiid’s new nickname.

Anyway, at 0-4, Philly joins the Wizards (0-3), Pelicans (0-5), and Mavericks (0-4) as the remaining winless teams, and we could definitely ask, “Who Will Win First?” while mocking and encouraging them all, and breaking down their schedules. But if Wednesday night’s game against the Charlotte Hornets is any indicator, the Sixers may very well be the last loser standing. Nothing is going right for this team right now, as evidenced by Philly blowing an 18-point lead over then-winless Orlando and this clip from the Sixers’ 93-109 loss to the Hornets.

And this isn’t all about laughing at Philly’s woes, because Charlotte looked like the Keystone Cops, too. The Hornets are just lucky that the blown lay-up (Hollis Thompson) and alley-oop (Robert Covington) belonged to the Sixers, and for that we award them no points. May God have mercy on the process.

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