Kristen Ledlow On Houston’s Mentality After A Game 3 Blowout And What This Series Means To Chris Paul

05.22.18 11 months ago

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The Houston Rockets are in a dangerous spot entering Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Having surrendered homecourt advantage in Game 1 to the Warriors, Houston must do the near impossible by winning a game against Golden State in Oracle Arena to have a chance at making the NBA Finals.

A 3-1 lead against the Warriors isn’t technically an impossible task (the Cavaliers are quick to remind everyone of that), but it does make for the closest thing to impossible we have in the NBA. For a team built to compete with the Warriors and whose sole purpose all season has been to make it to this stage and compete, Game 3’s 41-point loss had to have been a difficult pill to swallow as Houston looks to try and tie the series before heading home.

NBA on TNT reporter Kristen Ledlow has been following the Rockets throughout the postseason, covering their games against Minnesota and Utah, and has continued that role on the sidelines covering Houston’s side of things in the Western Conference Finals. On Monday, ahead of TNT’s coverage of Tuesday night’s Game 4 in Oakland (9 p.m. ET tip, coverage at 8 ET) Ledlow spoke with Dime about what she’s seen from this team this postseason, whether the Game 3 loss seemed to effect them more than previous losses, Chris Paul’s mindset in his first conference finals appearance, and more.

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