How Court Grip Truly Changed the Game

10.11.12 7 years ago

Mission Athletecare is in the business of creating products that give basketball players an edge on and off the court. They made a splash last season by solving a problem that has plagued basketball players since the dawn of the game: The slippery floor.

It is the bane of basketball players on all levels around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are playing ball in an old church gym or on an NBA court, if you have no traction and are slipping and sliding all over the court, you can’t play your game. Mopping the floor or wetting the soles of your kicks just doesn’t get the job done – basketball players have been waiting for a century for someone or something to effectively save the day. The wait is over.

At some point last season through to Team USA’s run to gold in the Olympics, you undoubtedly spotted many players applying something that looked like roll-on deodorant to the bottoms of their sneakers before checking into the game. They were applying Court Grip, a brand new product introduced to the basketball world in 2011 designed to give players extra, superb traction once they hit the floor. Since first making its appearance in gyms and at scoring tables in the League, “gripping” caught on almost immediately among players, to the point where it quickly became a ubiquitous image during every NBA game. Now you can catch Court Grip being used not only in the NBA, but also in college, high school and at pickup courts across the country. Every team in the NBA has already ordered their supply of Court Grip for the first part of the season, as have nationally ranked NCAA teams like Indiana, Kansas, Syracuse, Ohio State, and Florida.

So how did Court Grip make such an impact on the basketball world so quickly? The first, easy answer is that it works. Really well. Court Grip devotees are everywhere in the elite ranks of the game.

“Court Grip helps me focus on my game and make my moves confidently without worrying about court conditions,” says Dwyane Wade, who has been on board with Court Grip from the beginning.

“I am seeing Court Grip really catch on throughout the league,” says the Grizzlies’ Mike Conley. “Guys in the league are seeing other guys using it and once they feel the difference it makes, they are hooked.”

“Maintaining traction on courts is an issue for players and Court Grip addresses the problem better than anything we’ve ever used,” says Casey Smith, Head Athletic Trainer for the Dallas Mavericks. “We’re pleased to have helped bring this game-changing product to market.”

Another reason for the product’s success – and its potent results – is that it was developed hand in hand with some of the best athletes on the planet, especially the aforementioned Wade.
“My game is all about change of direction, speed and quickness and I am constantly looking for ways to get added traction,” says Dwyane. “I wanted to develop a product that truly helps players at all levels improve their performance. Court Grip helps me focus on my game and make my moves confidently without worrying about court conditions.”

Other Mission Basketball team members include Dwight Howard, Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony, and Steve Nash (who also had a hand in developing the product). “When I check into games and see my teammates and guys on the other teams gripping, it makes me proud to have been part of this from the beginning,” says Nash.

Court Grip officially launched in September 2011 in conjunction with Foot Locker and Eastbay, and you can now see Court Grip and Power Grip (liquid chalk to keep your hands dry) at every single NBA scorer’s table. Court Grip was also used this past season by Kansas, Syracuse and Ohio State, as well as many top high school programs and at the McDonald’s All-American Game in Chicago.

Growing numbers of high school and middle school players and teams are adding Court Grip to their purchases as they pick up their sneakers and other accessories for the start of the season. You can purchase Court Grip and other Mission products at retail outlets such as Foot Locker, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Finish Line, Eastbay, Modell’s, Hibbet Sports, and Sports Chalet.

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