I Love Nate Robinson, But Not On The Celtics

02.17.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

We all know that Nate Robinson has been on the block in New York for months. And even though he became the only three-time champion in the history of the dunk contest, it appears the Knicks are still willing to ship Robinson on the next bus out of town. That’s why when I hear that the Celtics are looking for a backup point guard – who can also defend – I’m surprised they would make this deal. Let’s be honest, it’s simply the wrong thing to do.

According to the Boston Herald‘s Mark Murphy, the Celtics and Knicks are close to a deal that would bring guard Nate to Boston in exchange for either Eddie House, Brian Scalabrine or Tony Allen. While I like the fact that the C’s are ready and willing to make a move, it’s just for the wrong guy.

If Boston were to trade House for Robinson straight up, that trade would actually hurt the Celtics. House is a proven veteran that is trusted by not only Doc Rivers, but his teammates as well. Robinson would have to come in and start fresh – something you’re not really looking for right before the playoff stretch. Also, while Nate can play the point guard spot, as seen in New York this season (even when Chris Duhon was struggling), the Knicks were hesitant to put the rock in his hands.

Perhaps the reason this trade has garnered so much interest is that, according Murphy, a league source said the Celtics and Lakers are the only teams that would definitely get Robinson’s approval. After signing a qualifying offer this past summer, he has the right to approve or disapprove any trade.

While I was a firm believer that the Celtics should trade Ray Allen for Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni/Kenny Thomas, this trade of Robinson-for-House just doesn’t make sense. The Celtics are one player away from contending for another title, but that player just isn’t Nate.

What do you think? Should the Celtics make this trade?

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