Ian Eagle Artfully Called LSU’s Emmitt Williams Diving For A Loose Ball And Getting Covered With Soda


Anyone who has heard him call an NFL game for CBS or a Brooklyn Nets game for YES Network knows that Ian Eagle is the man. Fortunately, Eagle gets put on NCAA Tournament games every March, and for the 2019 tournament, Eagle and his partner, Jim Spanarkel, got things started off with the 3-14 matchup in the East between LSU and Yale.

It was an under the radar pick for a potentially interesting first round game, and the two sides faced off in what ended up being a pretty entertaining contest. The best moment had nothing to do with the ability to play basketball, however, and instead had to do with Eagle enthusiastically describing a hustle play gone wrong.

Tigers freshman Emmitt Williams tried to save a loose ball that went out of bounds, couldn’t slow himself down, and dove straight into press row. The 6’6 forward took out a member of the media, and because it appears everyone was alright, we can laugh at the fact that Williams got covered in soda while Eagle broke down the “triple spillage.”

Eagle mentioned the person who got taken out was Kevin Ingram, who will do the radio broadcast for Belmont’s game against Maryland following the LSU-Yale matchup. Hopefully he can change into another shirt before then, because no one wants to call a game after being on the receiving end of some major spillage.