Ice Cube Tells LA Crowd “We Don’t Give a F—k About Dwight ‘Coward'”

07.08.13 6 years ago

The Dwightmare sweepstakes finally ended last Friday night when Dwight Howard informed us he was leaving money on the table in Los Angeles to sign with the Houston Rockets. But one of L.A.’s hip-hop titans, and a man that should not be trifled with when it comes to one of his hometown sports teams, Ice Cube, did not take kindly to Dwight’s decision, and decided to share his thoughts on the matter as only Ice Cube can.

One of the original members of pioneering West Coast gangsta rap collective, NWA, took to the stage on Sunday night to let the crowd at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre know how he felt about Dwight Howard’s decision to head to Houston. It was not a “good day” for Ice Cube or any Lakers fans on Friday when it was revealed Howard would leave the Los Angeles Lakers to play for the Rockets. Howard was also leaving $30 million and an extra year on the table too since LA still held his Larry Bird rights, so the decision wasn’t financial, either.

During a King of the Mics performance at the Greek Theatre, Cube summed up his reaction with the pithy and eloquent statement, “F- -k Dwight Howard,” as the assorted throngs screamed their agreement.

Cube continued in the high brow fashion that is his trademark:

We don’t need no punk a- – motherf- -kers on our team. We don’t give a f- -k about Dwight Coward. We don’t need no bitches on our team, homie. He don’t deserve to be up on that goddamn wall. So I predict tonight Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard even sniffs one.”

Just listen to how amped Cube’s ad-libbing makes the assembled LA crowd.

We’re guessing Dwight Howard isn’t going to be able to watch Friday for at least a month now.

What do you think about Cube’s diatribe about Dwight Howard?

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