If Ricky Rubio Really Wanted to Screw Minnesota

07.02.09 10 years ago 29 Comments

We met Ricky Rubio and his family in the Dime/Levi’s Draft suite. Though it was a brief interaction, they didn’t seem like the type of people who would throw a giant temper tantrum until they got exactly what they wanted.

By fretting about going to Minneapolis, Rubio’s team has inspired virtually every NBA squad to make an offer for him. But David Kahn is holding the line. If Rubio really wants to screw the T-Wolves, he does have one option though.

Over at True Hoop, Henry Abbott points out that Rubio is generally at the mercy of the Wolves in most situations except for one.

The Rubio camp does still have a big hammer, though, and it’s one that has almost never been used.

Rubio can sit out a year, and re-enter next year’s draft.

The way the collective bargaining agreement works, the Timberwolves hold Rubio’s NBA rights so long as they make him an offer, and he plays professional ball in some FIBA-sanctioned league, which is just about all of the leagues he’d consider playing in.

But if he doesn’t play professionally anywhere, then he can be right back in next year’s draft.

You can only do this once — no one can be drafted more than twice.

Abbott suggests a Nike barnstorming tour instead, which would clearly create a lot of buzz. If you dream big enough, Rubio could play in special games televised on pay-per-view to make some extra money.

However, there are two major dangers of even considering something like this. (1) The general impression of Ricky as a nice, marketable kid would change drastically. He’d quickly turn into one of the most-hated sports figures around. (2) There’s always the chance that Minnesota could draft him again in 2010. Then it would all be for naught.

A crazy hypothetical situation – and if our interaction with Rubio was any real reflection on the type of person that he is, there’s no way he’d do something like this.

Source: True Hoop

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