Iggy Azalea Kicked Nick Young To The Curb On Father’s Day


Since he was filmed on camera admitting to cheating on Iggy a few months back, you have to assume life hasn’t been particularly perfect on the home front for Lakers’ shooting guard Nick Young. I mean, Iggy was pissed, and for good reason. And today, just hours before the final game of the NBA season, it looks like the end has come for the LA power couple, who were engaged just over a year ago.

Despite the fact that by all accounts Nick has seemed like the bad guy in the relationship and totally deserves to be dumped, big credit should be given to Iggy for going out so graciously. As you can see from his Tweet above, Nick clearly doesn’t seem to be taking the high road, which sounds like par for the course for him.

Not the best news to hear on Father’s Day, but Iggy’s got to do what will allow her to find happiness. Nick should probably focus on putting his head down and focusing on family and basketball, rather than staying in the public eye. At 31, Young is on the downside of his career, and with rumors that the Lakers have been trying to trade him for a while, he shouldn’t rock the boat.