Thanks To Iman Shumpert, You Won’t Stop Imagining Hillary Clinton Naked

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The good news: The 2016 presidential election is almost over. The bad news: All people are talking about today is the election, and even our sports news is being infected with political nonsense, from Gisele denying that she and Tom Brady are voting for Donald Trump to Bill Belichick’s “tremendous” letter of support to Trump. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the New England Patriots can’t do anything without being dragged into this mess.

On top of that, a lot of professional athletes and sports figures are endorsing candidates this week (or month, or year) with the hopes that it might cause people who don’t ordinarily vote to get their asses to their local stations. After all, Trump and his supporters wouldn’t have pumped a f*ckton of money into ruining our Sunday NFL viewing experiences with endless obnoxious ads that made it seem like the world will flood with Satan’s feces if we don’t choose to MAGA, so the “Stick to sports!” argument is dead in this election.

One athlete sharing his support on Tuesday is Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Iman Shumpert, a Hillary Clinton voter as we can see in the above tweet, and it’s great that someone with more than 579,000 followers is doing his part (unless, you know, you disagree with his stance). However, his message does have one minor drawback:

Yeah, it’s gonna take some time to get that thought out of our minds. And some of us are still coping with the sight of those nude Trump statues.

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