The Entire Indiana Fever WNBA Team Knelt In Solidarity During The National Anthem

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The Indiana Fever have been in the news a little bit recently because Tamika Catchings, who played her entire career with the Fever, is retiring. The Fever lost to the Phoenix Mercury in a single-elimination playoff game on Wednesday, ending Catchings career. However, as notable as that was from a basketball perspective, something even more significant happened before the game. The entire Fever team kneeled during the national anthem.

More and more athletes are kneeling during the national anthem. And what started as Colin Kaepernick kneeling alone and getting buried under an avalanche of hot takes led to an an entire professional sports team engaging in a similar protest.

Fever coach Stephanie White was coaching her last game with the team before moving on to the Vanderbilt job. She proved herself to be the anti-John Tortorella by saying she was proud of her team and that some things are bigger than the game of basketball. This isn’t the first time WNBA players have been particularly forward in their quest for social justice. Hopefully it isn’t the last.