Pacers Fans Did A Derek Fisher Chant While Matt Barnes Shot Free Throws

Recall earlier this month, when it was reported that Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher got into a massive fight because Fisher is dating Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan. According to TMZ, when Barnes found out that Govan and Fisher were spending time together, he “he drove 95 miles to LA to ‘beat the s–t’ out of Fisher.” Barnes has since denied that, saying that he was 15 minutes away and he wanted to go check up on his kids, who “seemed uncomfortable.”

It was a strange situation, but thankfully it seems like it’s all in the past and neither Barnes nor Fisher are dwelling on it. But of course, because sports fans like to bring up the personal lives of athletes any chance they can as a form of smack talk, some Indiana Pacers fans decided to use the incident against Barnes.

While he was shooting free throws during Thursday’s game between Indiana and Memphis, a group of fans busted out a “DER-EK FI-SHER” chant. It didn’t sound like the entire stadium was chanting, but it was a large enough group of fans that you could hear it pretty clearly.

This is a pretty low blow by Indiana fans, but it’s probably safe to say that we should have expected this sooner or later this season.