The Internet Predictably Went Nuts Over The NBA Dunk Contest

gordon 2

If you missed the Dunk Contest last night, well, I’m sorry to say you missed perhaps the best dunk jam-off of all time. Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon went back and forth in a duel for the ages, trading perfect scores and never-before-seen dunks at will. Every dunk was a haymaker, and even though LaVine triumphed, it’d be unfair to say that Gordon truly lost.

Predictably, the internet went absolutely insane during the contest, and for good reason. Even NBA players, including former dunk contest participants, couldn’t believe their eyes.

Fans and even other professional athletes, too, were in a persistent state of shock and excitement. Some were outraged at Gordon’s final dunk score, while others were just basking in the glow of this ridiculous contest.

If only, Candace. If only.