Is A.J. Abrams an NBA Player?

11.15.08 9 years ago

In No. 8 Texas’ season-opener last night against Stetson, A.J. Abrams led the Longhorns to an easy 68-38 romping, thanks in part to the five three-pointers that he knocked down. After two seasons of hitting more than 115 three’s, Abrams decided to return to UT for his senior year after testing the waters of the Draft.

There’s no more Kevin Durant or D.J. Augustin to draw the spotlight away from Abrams, who is widely considered the premiere three-point shooter in this year’s crop of college talent. But there is one big problem. Even if Abrams continues to blow open Texas’ record books with another great season, he’s still 5-11.

I’m not sure that Michael Beasley‘s point about height not mattering as much as “how tall you play” applies to guards, but it should in Abrams’ case. He elevates like Aaron Brooks on his J, and also has the benefit of a lightning-quick release.

While there’s an argument to be made for Abrams as a three-point specialist in the League, he could struggle to satisfy the bare minimum requirements as a defender, or even as a distributor.

Do you think A.J. Abrams is an NBA player?

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