Is Carmelo Anthony Top Ten in the NBA?

11.25.08 9 years ago
Carmelo Anthony‘Melo

In ’06-07, you couldn’t ask this question without getting laughed at. But over the last three seasons, both Carmelo Anthony‘s numbers and his reputation have taken a hit. He’s averaging almost ten points less per night than he did during that ridiculous season – down from 28.9 per game to 19.8. And he’s far less accurate, making 39.1% of his shots as opposed to 47.6%.

But for all the smack that people talk about ‘Melo missing the mark and being out of shape, he’s obviously a key cog in Denver’s semi-surprising 9-4 record. He’s been hitting the glass with more authority – something that he brought from Team USA this summer – as he’s averaging a career-best 8.7 boards per game. Maybe the extra beating that he’s taking on the boards means that he’s not able to contribute as much on the offensive end?

In truth, my biggest issue with ‘Melo’s game is not what shows up in the box score once everything wraps up. It’s that he’s still supposed to be getting better, to be adding pieces to his game. We’ve seen LeBron and Chris Paul improve their jumpshooting over the offseason. We’ve seen Dwyane Wade actually come back more athletic than he’s ever been. But what is ‘Melo bringing to the table now that we haven’t seen from him before?

Do you think Carmelo Anthony is top ten in the League right now?

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