Who Did Isaiah Thomas Pick As His Top Five Ball Handlers In The NBA?

isaiah thomas kyrie irving
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In a piece for The Players’ Tribune titled “Elite Ball Handlers 101,” Boston Celtics guard Thomas picks his five favorite ball handlers in the NBA (besides himself). It’s a pretty tough list to argue with, and it’s put together well, with GIFs and Youtube videos to demonstrate his point.

His top five are Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul and James Harden. Like we said, pretty tough to argue with. Steph is ridiculous, Kyrie’s unfair, Jamal (as Isaiah notes) is a streetballer, and CP3 and Harden are ruthless. If there’s any change we’d make, it might be – note the emphasis on might – replacing Paul with Ty Lawson, because the new Houston Rockets point guard is as shifty as they come:

Now that Lawson’s on the Rockets, he and Harden can challenge the Clippers, with CP3 and JCrossover, to a battle of ball-handling supremacy. In the 2015-16 season, the two teams first face off on Nov. 7, and now we can add “all the crossovers” to the list of reasons to be excited about the game. (The top reason, of course, for a rematch of one of the wildest playoff series we’ve ever seen.)

(Via The Players’ Tribune)