‘NBA Live 18’ Still Believes Isaiah Thomas Is One Of The NBA’s Best Shot Blockers

Getty Image

A month ago, a clip from NBA Live 18 hit the internet. It showed Isaiah Thomas — then of the Boston Celticsgetting way up to block a shot. It was a very silly and extremely flukey thing, as Thomas is probably the last guy you’d think of when you think of shot blockers in the NBA.

But it’s been a while, and now Thomas is on a new team. Apparently, though, he’s still going to be a vicious rim protector for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Another clip from NBA Live 18 features Thomas on his new squad, and his ability to keep people from scoring in the paint is still otherworldly. (Warning: This video contains NSFW language.)

Thomas has blocked 46 shots over the course of his NBA career, and as you can guess, none of them look quite like this. I mean seriously, look at this silliness.

Now since this is a video game, obviously there should be some room to bend reality and let silly things happen every now and then. But even by those standards, Thomas being able to nearly get his eyes to the rim is something hilariously out there.

There is a ton of hype for NBA Live 18, largely because watching EA Sports make a serious investment into a basketball franchise with the hopes of taking on NBA 2K is fascinating. But I am excited to play as the Cavaliers and frustrate my friends as I run a 2-3 zone with Thomas in the middle.