Did Isaiah Thomas Tell Us That The Celtics Are On The Verge Of Something Big?

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On Monday night, Isaiah Thomas tweeted out something that seems pretty innocuous. The Celtics’ All-Star guard put out a tweet that was just the eyes emoji. On the surface, it seems like nothing special.

Seems pretty mundane, right? Well, basketball fans are reading pretty deep into this, and with good reason. Thomas has thrown this exact tweet onto his Twitter account in the past. The last time he did it was over the summer, right before the Celtics landed Al Horford in free agency.

The words “this may mean nothing” are extremely important, because it’s completely possible that Thomas is just, well, tweeting. Plus you’re probably not wrong for being skeptical that Thomas would have information about a possible trade that he would announce in his own unique way before anyone else.

But the Celtics have been viewed as the single most intriguing team all year with regards to assets that can be moved for a superstar. The team wasn’t able to land DeMarcus Cousins, but their war chest includes plenty of young players and what will be a high draft pick from the Nets. Plus while the combination of Thomas and Horford makes for an interesting 1-2 punch, to compete with Cleveland in the East, the Celtics likely need one more player.

Additionally, Boston fans lost their dang minds because of this tweet, because they think that it means someone like Jimmy Butler is about to suit up in one of their unis.

Could they be on the verge of acquiring Butler? Could a trade that lands them, say, Brook Lopez be on the horizon? Did Thomas maybe just watch a really good movie and the eyes signify that he enjoyed it? Who knows at this point. But no matter what, all eyes are on the Celtics right up until the league’s trade deadline on Thursday.