Isaiah Thomas Wants You To Know What His ‘Hating Hours’ Are

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The Cavaliers are expecting Isaiah Thomas to make his Cleveland debut in January. Thomas is still recovering from a labral tear in his right hip that he injured as a member of the Boston Celtics last season, and his return to the hardwood couldn’t come soon enough for Cleveland.

The Cavaliers sorely need his scoring punch, and the NBA world needs the energy and excitement his game provides. Basketball is just better when Isaiah Thomas is doing his thing.

Thomas brings a lot to the table, but the massive chip he pridefully wears on his shoulder is what we miss most. We’re talking about a guy that tweeted “people forget and act like I didn’t bust they favorite PGs ass all last season LOL,” for seemingly no reason earlier in November. How many other NBA point guards would Tweet something like that while they’re on the shelf? Think about that for a second. The answer is probably none. We miss that guy.

When you couple who Isaiah Thomas is with the fact that his former team, the Boston Celtics, have been cruising along with Kyrie Irving, there is no telling what kind of vengeful I.T. we’re going to get when he finally returns. Provided Thomas’ hip is fully healed, his return to Boston is going to be an 11-out-of-10 on the must-watch meter.

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