Isaiah Thomas Got Owned By A Fan’s Mom Weighing In On That Cavs Sweatshirt Picture

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Isaiah Thomas really can’t catch a break these days. After the Kyrie Irving trade got held up due to his injured hip, a new report suggested that he could miss half of next season or more because of it, a development that apparently caused LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs to “cool” on the whole transaction. That the Celtics were so eager to swap him out for a marginally better player will do nothing to alleviate the already-giant chip on his shoulder.

A big reason for that is his size. Despite being just 5’9, Thomas has carved out a place for himself among the NBA’s towering elite and last year was among the NBA’s top scorers.

All that success as a second team All-NBA performer and his clutch heroics for the Celtics has made Thomas a star to NBA fans, but that doesn’t mean that off the court he still doesn’t have to deal with short jokes, even from other people’s moms.

Maybe it was an honest mistake — you know how clueless moms can be at times. We as sports fans often forget that aside from the mega-stars like LeBron James, very good players are often just anonymous figures to people that don’t watch sports. That’s especially the case for an athlete that isn’t any bigger or taller than the average human being, and in this case, not only does the young fan he’s standing next to appear to be taller than him, but Thomas is pretty covered up in his Cavs hoodie.

It’s a stark reminder that no matter how much you accomplish in life, a mom can always cut right to your core.