Isaiah Thomas Won’t Have To Wait Long To Try And Get His Revenge On The Cavs

02.08.18 1 year ago

Getty Image

The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers met it was a cordial meeting between Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and Cavs vet LeBron James, where the biggest intrigue is what James said to Ball in the postgame handshakes.

Now, the scene will be very different. Thursday’s trade between the Lakers and Cavaliers brings Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. to Cleveland, but more importantly it got Isaiah Thomas out of Northeastern Ohio and to LA. In just over a month, Thomas seemed to clash with everyone on the Cavs, from coach Ty Lue to Kevin Love and maybe the entire Cavaliers team.

So after the initial surprise of the move, and the end of the brief Isaiah Thomas Era in Cleveland, the next question on everyone’s mind was simple: when do the Cavs and Lakers play again? Well, if Isaiah Thomas wants revenge on his now-former team he won’t have to wait long.

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