Isaiah Thomas Wants The Last Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft To Call Him And Get ‘The Formula’

06.21.18 8 months ago

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It’s hardly controversial to say that Isaiah Thomas is the best last pick in the history of the NBA Draft. While this season might have left a poor taste in a lot of people’s mouths, no one expected the undersized guard to come into the NBA and have as much success as he’s had over his career.

All of it is a testament to Thomas and what he’s managed to do in spite of his size or the fact that he’s a limited player on the defensive end of the floor. Still, there’s a perception that exists around the final player selected in the draft, which makes sense, because despite Thomas’ success, there’s a far bigger chance that they’re not going to stick around.

Thomas realizes this and wants to help out whomever goes last before they start their NBA journey. Prior to the draft on Thursday night, Thomas tweeted out that he wants the guy selected 60th to ring him up to get “the formula” on how to make it despite where you’re selected.

It’s certainly a nice gesture from Thomas, and I’m sure the player who’s taken last would enjoy the chance to chop it up with him about what is necessary to succeed despite the uphill climb they face. Who knows what “the formula to get right” is, but if anyone could speak to that, you’d assume it’s Thomas.

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