Isaiah Thomas Can Effortlessly Carry LeBron James With One Arm In ‘NBA 2K18’

10.03.17 6 months ago

Isaiah Thomas likely won’t take the floor for the Cleveland Cavaliers for some time — the team is hopeful that he’ll be able to make his debut by January. This is good for the Cleveland, because it means it will have an All-NBA player in its backcourt for the stretch run.

If Thomas can round into form by the postseason, it will be a huge positive for the Cavaliers, as he would give them a dynamic scoring guard who can keep the offense afloat when LeBron James needs to take a break in a potential Finals rematch against Golden State. And if Cleveland can win its second title in four years, NBA 2K18 thinks that Thomas will celebrate by hoisting LeBron up with only his left arm.

There is nothing I want more than for the Cavs to win a title and for Thomas (5’9, 185 pounds) to carry LeBron (6’8, 250 pounds) around like he’s Randy Savage carrying Miss Elizabeth. The visual that the game provides is hilarious, and it can only stand to reason that it would be even funnier in real life.

Between this and NBA Live 18’s insistence that he is going to be the most dynamic shot blocking guard to ever live, Thomas seems like he’s going to be a superhuman in this year’s slate of NBA video games.

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