Isiah Thomas Wants Today’s NBA Teams To Hate Each Other Like The Good, Old Days

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Never one to let go of his oldest, bitterest rivalries, Isiah Thomas thinks today’s stars could learn a thing or two from the Bad Boys. Sure, today’s record-breaking stars are “phenomenal” and they’ve certainly been “fun to watch,” but they’re still lacking that one quality that helped the NBA break out and captivate millions in the 1980s: “Real hate.”

The NBA legend told CNN this week that today’s NBA rivalries are lacking the fire that his Pistons had when they were getting under the skin of opponents and throwing punches like they were hockey players. Even as the Warriors and Cavaliers exchange subtle digs and play a little rougher in the regular season, today’s stars are simply too nice, according to Zeke.

“I think with rivalries, they’re not as bitter as they used to be,” Thomas told CNN, referring to today’s NBA.

“That’s something that all sports kind of require. That genuine kind of dislike and competitiveness — it really does bring out the best in you as a performer, as a player.”

“You can have hugs and friendships but kill at the same time,” Thomas laughs.

“At some point in time I do think you’ll have some bitterness. Like if Golden State gets back to the finals, and Cleveland gets back to the finals? There’s some bitterness there that can turn into real hate.” (Via CNN)

Man, if real hate is lacking from today’s game, imagine what Draymond Green might look like if he’s putting all of his anger into those dick kicks. It’s terrifying.

As for Thomas, we all know very well he wasn’t as mean and bitter as he pretends…