Why Aren’t The Philadelphia 76ers Saying The Name Of Their ‘Wells Fargo’ Center?

The NBA Draft is weeks away and the Philadelphia 76ers, sitting with the number three pick, have an opportunity to draft a superstar. And yet the biggest issue confronting the team at the moment might be its unwillingness to say the name of the arena in which it plays.

It’s Wells Fargo Center for those wondering. In flyers, conference calls and news releases the team refuses to say the name of the corporation with the name rights. So what gives?

The issue could stem from the fact Wells Fargo is no longer a sponsor of the team. Really though, no one knows. The one thing the team wants everyone to know is how much they love the arena. This reassuring is needed due to anxious fans worried about the team relocating.

“The Sixers statement did make sure to say the team is happy with the arena itself, which is a good thing considering how many people think the team will be moved to Camden after it builds an $82 million practice facility. After all, the ownership group also owns the New Jersey Devils. But the team has been defiant in saying it will stay in Philly.”

Wells Fargo seems to be just as mystified by the matter as everyone else.

“Barbara Nate, a Wells Fargo corporate communications rep told me: “We don’t know why the 76ers are not using the venue’s full name in their communications and would defer to their front office to address that with you.”

The team has already taken tanking to an unprecedented level. Now it appears the team will take passive aggression to heights our society hasn’t seen before. We’re pretty sure this all stems from money because most disagreements of this nature always do.

(Philly Mag)