Ivica Zubac Got Trapped At Midcourt While Surrounded By The Timberwolves Dancers

Ivica Zubac had a rough night on Friday. Zubac and the Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves, 128-115, while Zubac, who had nine points and two rebounds in 21 minutes of work, was thoroughly outclassed by Rudy Gobert, who went for 25 points and 21 rebounds.

But the weirdest part of the night for Zubac came before the game even tipped off. The two teams were getting ready to start things while Zubac — who, by nature of being huge, was going to participate in the tip-off — just stood at center court. It was at this point that the Timberwolves Dancers surrounded midcourt as part of their pregame routine, while Zubac just kinda stood there and vibed for a bit. The video of him trying to just kill some time while all of this was going on really is terrific.

I hope that Zubac did not have to, like, go to the bathroom or get a cup of water or anything like that, because dude didn’t have a way to get out of there other than hoping the dance routine ended as soon as possible. The Clippers’ next game is at home against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday, and it stands to reason that Zubac knows what he’ll need to do to avoid finding himself in this position at Crypto.com Arena.