J.R. Smith’s Shirtless Summer Quest Is The 8-Bit Video Game We Desperately Wish Was Real

Ever since the final buzzer sounded in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, it’s been a non-stop party for J.R. Smith. The former Sixth Man of the Year started the night the Cavs won the title in Vegas, kept it going through the team’s victory parade and has been having the time of his life all summer long.

The one common theme every time Smith seems to pop up in the news this summer is that he is practically never wearing a shirt. It’s gotten so bad that even President Obama has implored him to cover his torso. Even on the rare occasions he is wearing one, it’s usually either a “J.R. Smith for President” T-shirt, or one with a design of his shirtless body, which just seems counteractive.

Knowing how much Smith likes to be uncovered, Matt Hill of The Ringer (the same guy responsible for those hilarious Spurs Special Forces videos) decided to create a brilliant video called “J.R. Smith vs. T-Shirts.” In the video, designed as an old-school 8-bit video game, Smith does everything in his power to avoid getting hit with the dreaded tees being thrown at him by unruly fans while stopping along the way to power-up on champagne.

Just when it looks like Smith may be in the clear, though, a wild Adam Silver appears to inform him that his contract has a decency clause and he must cover himself up. When he refuses, he must hop on a hoverboard to avoid the team of angry NBA lawyers.

It only gets more hilarious from there, with President Obama and Benny the Bull attempting to thwart his plans. Naturally, it ends with the ghost of Abraham Lincoln declaring J.R. the new president.

Sure, July might be the worst sports month of the year, but it allows creative people to devote their time and energy to things like this, so I suppose it’s not all bad.

(Via Matt Hill, The Ringer)