Buying This ‘J.R. Smith For President’ T-Shirt Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate America’s Independence

J.R. Smith is already an NBA champion, and now he wants to be the President. If you’ll recall, Smith first announced his bid for the White House during the Cavaliers victory parade (while shirtless, of course), and now he appears to be doubling down by selling these wonderful “JR Smith for President” t-shirts. He even has his own campaign slogan already: “The United States of Swish.”

If you haven’t already maxed out your credit card buying the Smith’s shirtless shirt or a “When in Doubt Shoot” top, you can pick up your very own “JR for President” shirt over at his website for the low, low price of $29.99. Just don’t forget to also cast your vote this November. I think it’s too late for Smith to get on the ballot officially, but I’m sure he’ll get enough write-in votes from Cleveland alone to surpass Trump and Hillary.

Say what you want about Smith, but the guy is now an NBA champion as well as a former Sixth Man of the Year, and he knows how to market himself better than 99 percent of NBA stars.