J.R. Smith Calmly Swishes A Half-Court Shot And Wins $30,000 For A Military Member

There are many words you could use to describe J.R. Smith: brash, cocky, irritating, nuisance, lazy, fun (for some). These are all up for various forms of debate. One word that absolutely isn’t is “confident.” Smith is the embodiment of the gunner’s belief, the knowledge that no matter how badly the first shot missed, the second shot is absolutely going to hit. This knowledge does not always prove to be true, but that does not diminish Smith’s self-belief.

Just look at how calmly he approaches this half-court heave. Actually, heave isn’t even the right word. He shoots it as he would any other jumper, with his smooth release and laissez-faire attitude. Why shouldn’t he be calm? There’s not much at stake here, just $30,000 for a member of the military.

Luckily for that person, the gunner’s belief paid off in full, as Smith swished the shot. And, true to form, Smith did one of his trademark celebrations afterwards, just to let everyone know, in case they forgot, that he is still J.R. Smith.