J.R. Smith Takes To Instagram To Announce His Return To The Cleveland Cavaliers

J.R. Smith opted out of guaranteed money this summer in an effort to gain a longer, more lucrative contract. It was a calculated risk by Smith, who seemingly bet on his solid postseason – rather than his not-so-solid regular season –  to translate into more money. Yet, here we are, just a few months left until training camp, with most of the remaining free agents scooped up by other teams, leaving Smith all by his lonesome.

Until today, that is, when Smith announced via Instagram that he’s returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Notice that Smith said he re-signed with the Cavaliers instead of “potentially securing a larger deal elsewhere.” It’s unclear if Smith meant another team in the NBA or perhaps overseas, maybe returning to China once more. There weren’t any reports of other teams courting Smith, so this could just be Smith saving some face (with whom, though, it’s not exactly clear). All of that is of little import now. Smith is back with the Cavaliers, and while the terms of his deal haven’t yet been reported, it would be shocking if it’s for more than what Smith was guaranteed had he not opted out of his original contract.

(J.R. Smith)