J.R. Smith Shows Off His Air Jordans Like Never Before

08.24.12 7 years ago

The last I’d heard of J.R. Smith this summer, he’d stepped into a Dyckman League game about 10 days ago, thrown an alley-oop off the backboard to himself, and caused the game to be stopped while part of the crowd poured onto the court to celebrate (it was his only hoop of the game). More recently, Smith took to Twitter recently to show off his unique love of Air Jordan XIIIs — all seven pairs.

Now, the Jordan XIIIs are easily in my top-three of Jordans, so I’m happy to see Smith approves, as well. But the balancing act is perfect as a hybrid homage to Jordan: It’s part “Wings” poster with actual Jordan’s replacing Jordan palming the ball.


H/t Sneaker News

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